Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What is a Power Couponer?

What is a Power Couponer?
The big question a lot of people are wondering is what is a power couponer and how can you become one? Being a couponer has become increasingly popular recently because of all the buzz, television shows, and media that has been seen on how to save a lot of money just by using coupons. A couponer is someone who frequently uses coupons at grocery and retail stores to save money on their total bill simply put.

Defining the Power Couponer:

Taking it a step further is the “Power Couponer” who is one that is a couponer but takes it to the next level by saving tons of money everytime they go to the grocery store, retail outlet, or online websites. A power couponer never pays full price for anything at a store or online!

They will never leave home without coupons and their total savings of at least 20% off their total bill, but usually much higher. Typically a power couponer will use at least 30 coupons in any given week and most of those will be used at the grocery store. The power couponer has a binder organized of each category their coupons are in for easy access while shopping at the store. When shopping online, they will ALWAYS find a coupon code to use on their total bill.
Meet a Power Couponer
Meet Power Couponer Abbey D. She uses all the coupons she can each week and saves big on her total bill. Abbey clips lots of coupons from the Sunday newspaper and prints them from various online sites.

One typical shopping trip during the week was for 34 items that she had a coupon for every single item. These were various grocery items including food, personal care, etc. that she already uses and a couple items she always wanted to try, but never bought without a coupon.

The overall savings? A cool $35.33 off her total bill. That’s a 27% overall savings off of retail price and because she used a cash back credit card, she is also going to get 1% cash back on the total purchase.

Do you have a power couponer savings story or example? Let us know and you can qualify as an official member of our “Power Couponer” program that qualifies for lots of freebies in our community!

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