Sunday, February 27, 2011

Auto Coupon Cash Review

Product Description
An internet marketer by the name of Tom Bell created the Auto Coupon Cash product.
He claims most people do not know about the method he accidentally came across.
Tom says it is bigger than Google, MSN, Yahoo, YouTube and Facebook all put together. He also says it is growing faster now then ever before, and it's been hiding under your nose since the day you were born. Interesting, huh?
Tom says the mystery is saving-money coupons but not like the ones you clip from the newspaper, but the ones to help save money with an internet purchase by using a promo code.
Detailed Overview
Tom Bell, creator of the Auto Coupon Cash product talks not only about how you can save money by using coupons, but you can also make money with each coupon you give away.
Since 2007, the use of coupons have increased especially during this time with the economy as it is. People are using more coupons to purchase items they want and need.
Tom said on Christmas he got a call from Brian Koz talking about the power of coupons. Tom was becoming more interested in what Brian was about to continue to say. Together they came up with the Auto Coupon Cash product.
He said that Brian had developed a system that automates the entire process of making money with coupons into a brainless, push-button cash grab. Seriously, being that simple!
Tom says you can make money every time someone uses a coupon while saving a lot of money yourself.
Auto Coupon Cash system is taking the solid, money-making concept of coupons to a whole new level - a profitable level where you get to benefit from the earnings.
Auto Coupon Cash enables a marketer to put a foot in the door and gain an instant relationship with their website visitors. Being able to provide consumers with a way to save money on a product they are already looking to purchase, instantly elevates the offer in the eyes of the shopper.
The extra discount on an already desired product or service is a huge factor which accounts for many purchase decisions.
There are a couple of videos to show you briefly how the product works.
Tom says the next 50 people who purchase the product will get it for only $37. Included with the purchase are lots of valuable freebies.
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